Looking for a Great Diet for Health and Exercise Programme?

With an ever increasing awareness of the importance of living more healthily, many are looking for the best healthy eating plan, including primal living and paleo diet products.  Living Well  have a great deal of helpful tips and information on their website.

If you're serious about embarking on a healthy living programme, then it's important that you also include some form of exercise regime as part of the programme. Eating more healthily is a huge factor, but exercise, and the right type of exercise, is necessary as well.

The Right Exercise
So, I'll hit the gym you might well say.  That's all very well, but will that be the right type of exercise to do to help you?  If you're gym routine focuses on resistance machines and activities such as weights and presses, then you're focusing on one type of movement, and this will benefit only one type of muscle group.  Alternatively, consider outdoor activities such as rock climbing, or even tree climbing, think how your body is working doing those activities - there is some form of synergy and synchronisation involved.  And this type of activity is using a lot of your muscle groups at the same time, which has to be better for you.  And,as your body is creating movements all at the same time, it is more effective at burning fat and calories.

Functional Exercise

Primal living exercises are based on what is called functional exercise. Functional exercise is exercise which we use, or could use, in our everyday lives.  Think about lifting dumbbells, we don't need to do that in our "normal" life.  However, we do need to do deadweight lifting - so that would count as a functional exercise.

Primal Movements
Those functional exercises are broken down into 7 primal movements in the primal living concept; gait, lunging, squatting, bending, torque, pushing, pulling.

Types of Exercise

For gait, that would include walking, running and dancing,  For lunges, lunge walking and lunges.  Squatting would include squats, front squats and kettlebell swings.  For torque, oblique exercises and boxing would work.  For bending, try touching your toes, leg raises and deadlift leg lifts. For pushing, you can try both vertical and horizontal exercises including bench presses, chest presses and handstand press ups.  Finally, for pulling there are chin ups, pull ups and inverted press ups.

By implementing an exercise plan based on the 7 primal movements, you will find your overall healthy living programme gets a great boost.

For more information on primal living and functional exercising, visit Living Well.

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