Primal Living and Healthy Eating Food

Primal living is an exercise and healthy diet program that bases itself on the concept that we should be eating food that is found in nature and planning our exercise regimen around our natural environment - Living Well have lots of healthy eating information and tips on how to live primal.

Coming and Going Diet fads come and mostly go again.  There have been countless diet plans, programmes and schemes that have been announced as the next best thing only to disappear without trace almost as quickly as the would be celebrities who fronted them.  Primal living isn't one of those - the principles underpinning the theory have been in existence since our ancestor, the caveman, was around.  Eat what you can hunt or forage, with a little flexibility to include some things we can grow, but not grains or dairy.

Paleo Diet Criticisms The Paleo diet is often spoken about in the same breathe as primal living, and for good reason.  Paleo food is similar to the food we can eat in primal living, with some exceptions.  Like any diet plan or programme, Paleo is not without its critics.  One such criticism is that followers are simply vilifying grains the way fats have long been vilified.

It's too Expensive? Another criticism often levelled at the Paleo diet is that it's expensive to follow.  Well, it can be with the emphasis on natural, non-processed foods and grass-fed meat, free-range chicken, organic fruit and vegetables. If you are shopping in a conventional supermarket or shop then yes, these types of products do tend to be more expensive than the alternatives.  However, farmers markets and speciality stores often sell such products much cheaper than in the conventional stores so it is possible to buy them cheaper.  Regardless, even if the cost is a little higher, think of the health benefits and the savings on medical and healthcare bills.

It's Hard to Find? Another criticism is that it's hard to eat Paleo food as it's not mainstream and available on every menu around.  That is true, but with careful planning and some research you can find what you're looking for.

Cavemen Had Short Life Spans? Something else often cited is that cavemen, who followed a strict Paleo diet, had short life spans compared to ours nowadays.  Well, yes, but we don't have to face the same dangers and risks that they did.  It's unfair to say they had shorter life spans because of their diet - there are numerous other factors to consider.

Other Societies Eat Grains? Lastly, the claim that there are societies around that do have grain in their diets, and lots of it, and they are not as overweight or unhealthy as some. That may be true, but it needs a much more in-depth analysis of their exact diet and environmental factors before any conclusions can be drawn on that.

If you are interested in finding out more about primal living and the Paleo diet, have a look Living Well for more information.

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