Primal Living, Paleo Diets and a Healthy Balanced Diet

Information Sources If you are interested in embarking on a health drive but are unsure of what to eat for a healthy diet,  or need some balanced diet information then the internet is a great source of information and advice for you.  Living Well have a lot of great advice and tips for a more healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Paleo Diet One key element of primal living (the following of a diet and exercise regime based on nature and natural products akin to what our ancestors would have eaten prior to the introduction of processed foods) is the Paleo Diet.  This basically allows followers to eat only non-processed foods that can be found or grown around us.  The problem with that is that means no mild, no bread, nothing that has been processed in any way.  That creates a great challenge for many would-be followers of the Paleo Diet, so it's worth considering something that can take the basic ethos of the Paleo Diet but make it more practical for today, a quasi Paleo Diet.

A Quasi Paleo Diet A quasi Paleo Diet would involve keeping the best of the Paleo Diet, so high protein food, organ meat, eliminating (mostly) processed foods and focusing on nutrient dense- food. It would also enable followers to ignore the mistaken belief that calories are not important if you're following a Paleo Diet, to still eat bread and drink milk, both of which have nutritional benefit, and help avoid eating too much fat which can be the case with some Paleo food.

Benefits of Quasi Paleo The benefits of following even a quasi Paleo Diet are great, you'll feel healthier, fitter and stronger.  With the increased intake of nutrient-dense food such as fruit, vegetables and meat you will feel full more easily than before, and the food cravings will stop.  This will help you reduce and ultimately cut out the processed foods that have zero nutritional value, such as chocolate, soda, ready meals and heavily processed meats. Also, you can still eat bread and drink milk but perhaps consider reducing the quantities; it is possibly impractical and unrealistic to image you could remove them from your diet completely.

Basic Rules Some followers of the Paleo Diet love it because it's simple to remember what's OK and what's not.  If you can hunt it or forage for it, it's Paleo friendly.  If you would like to follow a quasi Paleo Diet, think of the rules as if you can hunt it, forage for it or farm it it's OK. That should help bring the Paleo Diet up to date and more practical to follow, whilst still providing the basic benefits that Paleo eating does.

If you want to know more about the Paleo Diet, quasi Paleo eating, or just how to eat more healthily, take a look at Living Well.

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